Review: Wild Curl (Vegan Hair Oil)

Review: Wild Curl (Vegan Hair Oil)

My natural hair is that awful variety of wavy that, left unattended, forms an easily knotted, frizzy mess. A ‘solution’ to this mess, is straightening my hair every other day. This, of course, makes the problem even worse. I also put my hair through a lot of colouring which just adds furthermore to the damage.

Part of the post-shower routine

Introducing this Wavy oil into my routine has nurtured and nourished my hair, allowing me to feel confident going out au natural. It’s light weight and effective. I run a few drops through the length of my wet, freshly washed hair and a drop or two more on the ends of dry hair. Using this oil rids my hair of fly-aways, smooths it down and drys my hair into gentle waves rather than a frizzy mess.

The Range

Wild Curl have a few bottles in their range: Wavy, Coily, Kinky which are aptly named to help people pick the best oils for their hair type. This is super helpful for people like me who have tried using oils on their hair before and got the total wrong mix! When I once used coconut oil to revive my hair, it instead became horrendously greasy because I the oil was way too heavy for my fine hair. They have a great Find Your Oil on their web page.

@thewildcurl - hair oils

My Wavy bottle contains light oils like jojoba,sweet almond and grapeseed that tames wavy hair without weighing it down. The combination of grapeseed oil and rosemary are ideal for improving hair health, thickness and growth. This oil also smells incredible and is adored by both myself and the boyfriend.

Embracing the natural wave

My heart is now set on expanding my collection by grabbing the two treatment bottles:

Charm Basil Oil – An intensive treatment for all hair types which uses castor oil to prevent dandruff and scalp infections, argan oil to strengthen hair, basil oil to promote hair growth.

Fortune Sage Oil – A scalp treatment to re-balance dry, itchy scalps using jojoba oil to relieve itching whilst moisturising, ylang ylang oil to strengthen hair follicles, sage to tackle dandruff and oily hair and lavender to encourage cell regeneration.

The Company

Wild Curl was founded by Vanessa who grew up struggling to find afro-friendly products in 90s Finland and, with her mother, worked to find natural and creative solutions to this. Vanessa is sharing her knowledge through Wild Curl, a 100% natural hair care line without any added toxins specifically designed for curly hair.

Vanessa, Wild Curl Founder
Vanessa, the founder of the Wild Curl

Check out the whole range here.

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