Vegan Options at London Waterloo

Vegan Options at London Waterloo

Somehow train stations have become a haven for the hungry. Whether you want to grab a snack for your journey or filling time as each train home is cancelled there’s plenty of vegan options to turn to. Read on to find out what vegan meals you can grab at London Waterloo.


Bagel Factory

At Bagel Factory, hidden just behind the information centre downstairs, there are a few wonderful options. Vegans can opt for the Vegetarian Burger Bagel, Peanut and Banana Bagel or the Vegan Bagel, complete with vegan cream cheese. Check their vegan menu out here. So that’s breakfast sorted!


Not only the perfect spot to people watch those meeting ‘under the clock’ but also the perfect place to grab some vegan food. Benugo label their vegan options with a cute little carrot and serve the following:

Breakfast: Superseed Muffin, Blueberry and Coconut Porridge and a range of fruit salads

Lunch: Veggie-licious Khobez (wrap made with avocado, fire roasted peppers and hummus), Power Balls (coconut and cacao or goji and apricot)

Burger King

There are limited options for vegans at Burger King: fries, veggie bean burger ordered without cheese and without mayo, and apple fries. Check whether they use a separate fryer for the veggie burgers and chips though.


Caffe Nero

This coffee chain has some great vegan options you can grab whilst queuing for your morning coffee:

  • Soya porridge for breakfast
  • Sweet potato, falafel and beetroot hummus wrap
  • Orzo pasta and Mediterranean veg
  • Apple and blackcurrant crumble bar (delicious with a soya latte!)
  • Mango chunks or the dark chocolate bar ‘Venezuelan Gold’ for on-the-go snacking


Ask for their Gluten/Dairy free menu and let your jaw drop at the options. I’d purposely miss a train for the chance to try their Homebaked Foccacia or  Orecchiette al Cavolfiore (pasta tosssed in cauliflower sauce with sauteed kale). With sorbet available as a dessert, Carluccio’s allows you to grab a three course vegan meal without ever leaving Waterloo station.

Hotel Chocolat

Grab some indulgently dark chocolate at Hotel Chocolat. Speak to the staff or check the back of the packaging to see which items are vegan friendly.


A completely different story to that told by Burger King. Whilst none of their items are certified vegan, those which are Veganuary-approved are as follows:

Breakfast: Plain Toasted Bagel, Hash Brow and their Apple and Grape bag.

Sides: Fries, Shaker Side Salad, Carrot Sticks.

Sauces: Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Spicy Tomato Salsa, Sweet Chilli Sauce/Dip, BBQ Dip, Sweet & Sour Dip, Sweet Curry Dip.

Their spicy veggie patty used in the Vegetable Deluxe (order without sandwich sauce) and Spicy Vegetable Deluxe (order without mayo) is made from vegan ingredients, but there’s a chance it may be fried in the same oil as the meat burgers.

Mi Casa Burritos

Unfortunately Mi Casa offer no vegan options.

Natural Kitchen

Located upon the balcony, pop into Natural Kitchen and grab their gorgeous vegan burger served with fresh guacamole on homemade ciabatta. My friend and I met up here last week to talk business and I was delighted to spot that they label their vegan wines!

Pret a Manger

Ah Pret, the faithful companion to any London vegan. Here’s a beginners guide: they label their vegan options incredibly well, every vegetarian soup they make is also vegan, their coconut chocolate bar is a vegan’s answer to bounty cravings and your new favourite sandwich is often a monthly special that they cruelly take away.


Located near the Victory Arch, Pure serves delicious and healthy food for those busy workers at Waterloo station. Vegan options include (but not limited to!): Sweet Potato Gobi, Thai Green Lentil Soup,  Toasted Bagel with Avcado Puree, their Go Vegan salad, Vegan Project Wrap with smoked tofu and Miso Vegan Deli Pot.

Browse their site for their full vegan range.


Starbucks has taken Veganuary 2018 as an opportunity to up it’s game. They have added oat milk to their menu (which is super popular across the vegan community) and have debuted a BBQ jackfruit wrap, dark chocolate and hazelnut bar and a five-grain oat meal pot.

Upper Crust

It’s not difficult to put vegetables in bread, but Upper Crust haven’t got round to doing it yet. I’d love to see them do a vegan meatball baguette (it’d be a hit with veggies too!) but I think I’ll be waiting a while.


I’m a major Wasabi fan and order their Tofu Yakisoba whenever I fancy something greasy and carby (in a good way!). They clearly label their vegan options both online and in store. Some of the most popular vegan items are: their Miso Soup, Sweet Chilli Tofu, Tofu Roll, Tofu Nigiri (love this!) and their Superfood Salad.

The West Cornish Pasty Co

You’ll be surprised to hear that the West Cornish Pasty Shop caters for vegans. They serve two vegan pasty options: Wholemeal Vegetable Pasty and Green Thai Vegetable Pasty. Their options were so popular that they were awarded a PETA Vegan Food Award in 2013. These are delightfully warming on a cold evening waiting for the train.

Yo! Sushi

Found up on the balcony Yo! Sushi have tonnes of vegan friendly options: Vegetable Tempura, Inari Nigiri, Tofu Katsu Curry, Vegetable Yaki Soba, Harusame Aubergine, Pumpkin Katsu, Vegetable Gyoza… Seriously, we aren’t missing out at this place. To get their full spread of vegan options just search ‘vegan’ on their online menu.


So that’s that, no more letting your troublesome commute get in the way of your vegan journey. Check out my post on Vegan Beauty Boxes to start your vegan beauty transformation or start wearing your message loud and proud with my post on Vegan Clothing Brands UK.

2 thoughts on “Vegan Options at London Waterloo

  1. Actually Burger King’s Veggie burger can be made vegan by asking for it without cheese or mayo. It’s saved me many a time at service stations on long drives home..!


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