Eco-Friendly New Year Resolutions

Eco-Friendly New Year Resolutions

This year I’m going to start by making some small changes to improve my environmental impact and steer towards zero-waste. Maybe it’ll be easier than expected or perhaps this will be a long journey but at least I’m taking the first steps (they often say that those are the hardest). I’m pretty new to the movement so if you could comment below on any useful tips, blogs to follow, books to read, etc that’d be super useful!

1 Reusable Cotton Pads

I use a cotton pad a day: one side in the morning, one side at night. That’s 365 a year. Going forward I’ll be using these soft organic cotton reuseable pads by TidelineStudio (bonus points: the packaging is made from recycled cardboard , recycled tissue and biodegradable paper tape!) I’ve chosen these as it’s important environmentally to buy organic cotton and because I love the cute designs available!

reuseable organic cotton rounds

2 Reusable Coffee Cup

The vast majority of the time I grab a coffee-to-go, it’s during my lunch hour at work from the local Pret. It’ll be so easy for me to keep a clean reuseable coffee cup at my desk to take out at lunch and enjoy my soya latte with a clearer conscience. All the major coffee chains offer discounts to those that bring their own coffee cup and Pret are increasing their discount from 25p to 50p. It won’t be long until my new Ecoffee Cup has paid for itself!

I ordered my biodegradable bamboo cup from of Amazon.


3 Reusable Water Bottle

At work at home I drink tap water from a glass. Easy. It’s when I’m out and about or at my weekly dance class that I tend to buy bottled water, so it’s important that the bottle I choose is lightweight and keeps my water cool. I grabbed my cute 500ml bottle from Simple Modern due to their huge range of colours, promise to keep drinks cold for 24h and narrow mouth.


4 Menstrual Cup

I’ve been meaning to buy one of these for years. There are many reasons to switch to a moon cup: creating less waste (a woman is believed to buy 11,000 tampons in her lifetime!), saving money, not sticking a chemical ridden piece of cotton into your body… I’m finally going to bite the bullet and invest in a menstrual cup! I’ve grabbed an Athena Cup.

5 Soap Nuts

Fellow vegan Mica Day has encouraged me to give soapnuts a try! Soapnuts are vegan, organic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable and easy to use. These will eliminate the plastic waste from my laundry routine. As these are bulky, I’ll be grabbing these after I move house in February/March and once I’ve emptied my Ecover bottle. Do check out Mica – she has a great post on vegan household cleaning products that lets you know what vegan options are in the supermarkets and online.

soap nuts

6 Buy Less Plastic

When you start looking out for it, you realise just how much is packaged in plastic. It’s really quite unnecessary. Almost every vegetable I buy is covered in plastic, anything ordered online seems to come with more plastic than product and using bottled toiletries instead of bars is starting to feel unnecessary. I vow to become aware of my plastic consumption and to choose plastic-free when possible.

7 Go Vegan

A final eco-friendly resolution for any of you that haven’t already: Go Vegan! It’s becoming increasingly difficult to convince people you’re an environmentalist as you tuck into a pepperoni pizza. Go watch Cowspiracy and sign up to Veganuary.

If you’re signing up to Veganuary perhaps check out my Favourite Places to Eat in London  or check out my favourite all in one beauty product to help minimise your make up bag.

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