Review: Mooshies Vegan Burger Bar

Review: Mooshies Vegan Burger Bar

Mooshies is the burger bar you’ve been waiting for. With four delicious burgers on the menu, a good selection of sides and vegan booze available this place has found it’s space in London’s famous Brick Lane. Roughly half of the menu is available as gluten free, appealing to the GF vegans. Whilst the burgers are incredible, it’s the guilty-pleasure vegan cheese sticks which will keep me coming back.

Cheese Sticks with chilli mayo dip

The Burgers

Pulled Mooshie: ‘pulled pork’ jackfruit with BBQ sauce and coleslaw

What’s Your Beef?; quinoa and black bean ‘beef’ patty with onions, vegan cheese, gherkins and lettuce

Fillet-oh-Phish: batter aubergine ‘fish fillet’, vegan tartar sauce, nori seaweed, vegan cheese and lettuce

Brick Lane Bhaji: inspired by the row of curry restaurants Brick Lane is famous for this contains onions, tomatoes, coriander, asian guac and mango chutney

The Sides

Cheese Sticks plus dip

Chick P Bites

Homemade Guac with plantain chips

Sweet Potato Fries (Cheezy or regular)

Homemade Coleslaw

Our Order

After a competitive game of Junk Yard Golf the omni-bae (you’ll learn this is how I  introduce my meat-eating boyfriend Tom) and I had worked up an appetite, so it was the perfect opportunity to drag him to Mooshies.

Tom is a major cheese fan, so I was eager to share the new Cheese Sticks side with him and show off what vegan cheese can taste like. He ordered a What’s Your Beef? and a Pale Ale, whilst I grabbed a Fillet-of-Phish with a Karma Cola.

The Fillet-of-Phish was delicious, with a good fishy taste and texture which was reminiscent of the real thing, without being too similar. The tartar sauce really complimented the burger, I just wish it came with a lemon wedge to squeeze over the fillet.

Tom loved his What’s Your Beef? except for the gherkins which he kindly passed over to me (I love gherkins). He added avocado to his burger as an extra which really gave it a fresh, healthy taste. The burger sauce ‘tastes like Big Mac sauce’ which he assures me is quite the compliment.

We both absolutely loved the Cheese Sticks, which were perfectly greasy and crispy on the outside and gooey and cheesy on the inside. Served nice and warm, the cheese within isn’t grossly sticky like a lot of melted vegan cheese can be. This dish does fill you up a lot and tastes pretty unhealthy, so I recommend sharing this rather than eating three alone.

Whilst the burgers were great, there are some other great vegan burgers across London like at Temple of SeitanMildred‘s or Biff’s Jack Shack – it’s the cheese sticks and the cool location that will have me finding my way back.

What do you think looks best on the menu? Leave a comment below!

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