Review: SkinYoga Fresh Orange Body Mousse

Review: SkinYoga Fresh Orange Body Mousse

This Fresh Orange Body Mousse (available here) smells incredibly citrus and leaves your body feeling fresh. Softly uplifting, it’s wonderfully relaxing to massage this into your body whilst inhaling and exhaling slowly and deeply. Take your time to focus on each limb and rub the mousse onto your skin in circular movements. This is best used on warm, wet skin – so pause your shower once your pores have opened up and give your body the time and attention it deserves.


The key ingredients are:

Turmeric – Great for acne as it’s anti-inflammatory which can reduce redness from blemishes and antibacterial which helps combat acne

Oranges – Not only does it smell great, but as it’s full of vitamin C which improves skin’s colour and texture

Sugar – A wonderful exfoliator that’ll help remove dull dead skin, leaving behind the glowing healthy skin beneath

Black Sesame Oil – one of the most moisturising oils, this also works wonders for softening the skin


My skin feels super soft and looks a lot fresher after using this mousse. The smell is sensually citrus which makes the whole treatment feel a lot more luxurious. Easy to apply, hasn’t stained my bathroom (which I was afraid of with all the turmeric) and has cleared my leg of a razor rash. My only complaint is the packaging – whilst it’s a gorgeous pouch, I found it threatened to topple over a lot which would’ve meant my lovely mousse getting ruined. I would’ve definitely have preferred it packaged in a jar or tub.


SkinYoga was created by three sisters who live chemically-free and have grown up embracing nature’s remedies and using all senses to identify the best quality ingredients. They combine philosophies of yoga with their skincare knowledge to bring about their pure, natural products. They range focuses on treatments which are beautifully fragrant, encouraging you to take time to care for your body peacefully.

This bottle came from Naturally Better You, an online retailer that hand selects only the finest natural and organic health, beauty and wellbeing products from ethical companies. Their site is full of lesser-known brands and a great place to browse to find your new favourite vegan products, using their vegan filter. They stock SukinPacificaBeauty Without CrueltyFaith in NatureNaturtint and many more vegan-friendly brands. They gave me this mousse in return for my honest review.


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