Giveaway! Ten Years Vegan!

Giveaway! Ten Years Vegan!

This month I’m celebrating ten years vegan! When I turned vegan back in 2007 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was still out in the cinemas, Crank That Soldja Boy was the track of the summer and Britney was shaving off her hair. Yeah, it was a long time ago.

A lot has changed: no one knew what a vegan was, everyone was scared I’d turn anaemic and all I could eat at restaurants was a plain salad and chips. Flash forward ten years and vegan is everywhere! Restaurants and cafes proudly brag about their plant based, dairy free dishes and we’re all over magazines and chat shows. We’ve proven that we aren’t just a fad nor a trendy diet but that we’re a passionate, achievable lifestyle that’s here to stay.

To celebrate my ten years of vegan, I’ve thrown together a giveaway on my @veganmakeupuk instagram with donations from Club Organix, Eden Perfume, So Eco Brushes and Less is More.

I first found Club Organix at the Love Natural Love You show and was so impressed with their brand and products I treated myself to a foundation right there and then. They have donated a few testers of their full coverage, organic, vegan foundation and a deeply romantic long lasting lipstick in the shade Valentine Red.

The Eco Tools brush collection is not only environmentally friendly, but chic, high-quality, and affordable too. They’re PETA certified meaning that they’re vegan and cruelty free, made from recyclable materials and are tree-free, including their packaging! Going tree-free and using bamboo instead is far better for the environment as bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. They’re a great brand with great ethicss and have donated their amazing brush set.

I’m a big fan of Eden Perfumes (they featured on my guide to vegan perfumes) as they provide vegans and ethical consumers with an extensive range of cruelty free fragrances. Popular for their reasonable prices and exceptional dupes, their whole range is vegan and handmade in the UK. For the giveaway they have donated their fresh, citrus unisex fragrance 475 Neroli.

Less is More is a range of organic certified care and styling products that combines ethics and aesthetics. The natural ingredients used in their products are carefully selected for effectiveness, purity and optimal skin compatibility and environmental impact. Most (but not all) of their products are vegan and they’ve kindly donated: elderflower salt spray to give an easy beach-look, lindengloss finishing spray to eliminate fly-aways and repair hair, lindengloss shampoo & conditioner to promote and maintain hair health.

Head over to my instagram for a chance to win these incredible vegan, cruelty free products!

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