5 Amazing Vegan Beauty Boxes

5 Amazing Vegan Beauty Boxes

Beauty boxes are a beautiful thing. They’re becoming increasingly popular, as we prove to love having surprise boxes filled with beauty treats delivered to our door.  These boxes typically contain a good mixed of new brands and old favourites, as well as guaranteeing a bargain.

Best of all, us vegans don’t have to miss out. I’ve collected together some of the best vegan beauty boxes out on the market. These are particularly perfect for new vegans that are trying to veganise their makeup bag, as you can try a lot of brands without spending a fortune.



Frequency: Monthly

Price: £10 – £15.95, free UK shipping

Discount code: VOBBOX15 – save 15% off your whole order, including shop items.

So I’ve not been signed up to any beauty boxes for a while, as I keep clogging up my makeup bag with stuff I don’t really need. Whilst VOBEAUTY do a gorgeous surprise subscription box too (£15.95), what I love most about them is that you can build your own box. All their products are vegan and cruelty free, so you’re free to make your choices.  You can choose to grab 3 (£10) or 5 (£15.95) products out of roughly 9-12 on offer, no subscription necessary. I find this gives me the opportunity to try out new brands at a good price, without getting stuck with products that I don’t want.

The Vegan Kind Beauty Box

Frequency: Every 3 months

Price: £12.75 – £15 per box + P&P

There’s a lot going on on TVK website, so you can add a lot of treats to your cart as you order your box (be careful – so much lovely vegan stuff it’s easy to go out of control here) and you can even order past beauty boxes. The price per beauty box is dependent on how long you’re committing for: £15 for a one-off, £13.50 for 6 months & £12.75 for a year. Their past boxes have included products from PHB, Spectrum Collection, Welda, Faith in Nature and many more.

TVK Nov 16
TVK Beauty Box – November 16


Petit Vour

Frequency: Every month

Price: $25 – $27 per box + free shipping worldwide

Petit Vour is an American subscription box where you receive over $35 worth of non-toxic, vegan, & cruelty-free goodies. You can chose to commit to 12 months at $25 (equivalent to roughly £20) per box or $27 per box with no commitment. You’ll complete a beauty profile which they’ll use to personalize your box and ensure that you’re sent shades that will flatter and suit you.

@thecomfykitty – a typical petit vour box


The Pip Box

Frequency: Every Month

Price: £13.50 – £14.99 + £3.35 postage

The Pip Box, named after the founder’s pooch Pippa, dreams of a cruelty-free world. Their boxes only contain ‘cruelty free’ brands – so make sure that you order the cruelty free and vegan box at the check-out. These boxes are filled with gorgeous products and have a habit of selling out super fast so make sure to grab yours ASAP.

The Pip Box – May 17


The Natural Beauty Box

Frequency: Every month

Price: £23 – £24.95, free UK delivery

Natural Beauty box send 5 -7 natural, vegan & cruelty free skincare and beauty products each month which aligns with their monthly theme (past themes include ‘Rise and Shine’ and ‘Summer Blooms’). They’ve sold out every month since March and have been featured on ELLE UK’s Top 9 Beauty Boxes, so they’re kind of a big deal.

@littlemissbeautyboxes – July’s Natural Beauty Box ‘Queen of the Nile’


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