August 17: Vegan Highlights

August 17: Vegan Highlights

Slaughterhouse CCTV Made Compulsory

All slaughterhouses in England will be fitted with compulsory CCTV under plans unveiled on 11 August by environment secretary Michael Gove, as part of a series of measures to bolster welfare standards and enforce laws against animal cruelty. Ideally, we’d like slaughter houses to be a thing of the past but being able to track what goes on inside them is a huge step forward.

Livin’ on the Veg

KERB markets are well-known in London for bringing together the best street food, so it was a great surprise to see them hold a Vegan Street Food battle. The event sold out super fast, letting everyone know that vegan street food is serious business. Check out my blog post here for my review of the event and all the traders.

Ne-Yo Films His First Vegan Shop

After watching Netflix’s What the Health Ne-Yo declared that he was going vegan all over his social media and shared his first vegan grocery shop. This is great for vegans as Ne-Yo has over 17.5 million likes on facebook. Personally, I most love his realisation that not all vegan foods healthy (we’ve all been there!) – watch that here.

Humane Milk IS a Myth

The pro-dairy squad tried to shut down a Go Vegan World ad which claimed ‘Humane milk is a myth. Don’t buy it.’ However, the vegans were left triumphant as the ad has been cleared by the Advertising Standards Authority. As for the dairy companies, I suppose the truth hurts (their profits).


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