How I’m Getting Fit this September

How I’m Getting Fit this September

I’d be lying if I said I was unfit: I exercise regularly and eat my five a day, but I have some bad habits to drop and some good ones to pick up. My main motivation for improving my fitness is that I’ve signed up to do a half marathon (13 miles!) towards the start of October (please feel free to sponsor me) and currently I can just about manage 3 miles. Below I’ll be letting you know what changes I’ll be making from the start of September, feel free to join in.


Run every other day

This point is the most important as my fitness target is to run 13 miles. Running every other day can be difficult, but I’ll no longer allow myself to use the excuse of ‘it’s raining!’ to avoid running. My only exception to this rule is if a run day falls on a Wednesday, which is when I do 2-3 hours of belly dancing after work (that’s enough cardio and strength for one day I should think)

Ditching the booze

I’ve already confessed to myself that I won’t be super-strict on this. I don’t drink in excess but staying out for drinks after work has a habit of cutting into my running time. I’ll break this rule for birthdays or parties (which will only be one or two off-days across the month). I’m hoping to see not only my health but also my purse benefit from this point.

Shot apple cider vinegar

The health claims on apple cider vinegar seem to be infinite and considering it requires minimal effort and expense – why not give it a go? Apparently apple cider vinegar lowers blood sugar, helps you feel full, lowers cholesterol, clears your skin and boosts energy.

No unhealthy snacks

We all snack at work, sometimes you just need that extra energy. Sadly that extra energy won’t be coming in the form of biscuits, crisps or chocolate. Throughout September my snacks will be fruit, vegetables and hummus.

Morning Stretching

I’ll be setting my alarm just 5 minutes earlier and start incorporating morning stretches into my routine. I’m hoping that taking this time in the morning will gradually increase my body’s flexibility, whilst giving me a healthy start to the day.


So those are my commitments! Please leave me tips below or let me know if you’re going to get fit this September too. I’ll update you all at the end of the month, hopefully with some great results.

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