Your Guide to Vegan Perfumes

Your Guide to Vegan Perfumes

Breathe in, breathe out. Today we’re covering scents.

So what makes perfume non-vegan? Whilst the ingredients can be non-vegan, more frequently the real issue is with the company and it’s policies. If you have a company that tests on animals, or allows others to test on animals (ie if a company sells in China) then it’s not cruelty free.

Don’t worry, I’ll be covering dupes, high street and high end. No more smelling of hemp and asparagus (or whatever it is a vegan stereotype is to smell like).

vegan perfumes


This well known cruelty free and vegan friendly champion was of course going to make the list. Their range of perfumes is extensive, with odd one-offs cropping up on the Lush Kitchen site (where I got two amazing solid perfumes: 1000 kisses and tuca tuca – super handbag friendly and linger nicely)

Try: Princess Cottongrass  – £36/30ml – delicate, alien florals

Marks and Spencers 

Our high street hero M&S isn’t just great for vegan cosmetics but also for perfumes. Search through their own-brand perfumes online and select a product to see if it’s suitable for vegans. Try Island Escape for a fresh and sophisticated scent, Rosie Huntington’s Summer Rose for a romantic summer scent (featured on my summer essentials)  or Belle for a fruity floral scent.

Try: buying this Rosie for Autograph gift set (£25) for you girl friends as a subtle cruelty free, vegan gift


Pacifica are great for fun scents on a budget and are often found in independent pharmacies and health food stores. They can bought as a spray, roll-on or solid. The roll-on and solid options are great ‘slip in the handbag’ options or even in a clutch bag on a night out.

Try: Persian Rose roll-on – £10.80/10ml – rose, subtle violet, myrrh and delicate fruit


Based in the ultra vegan friendly Brighton, Eden is the extensive answer to the vegan perfume prayer. Popular for their reasonable prices and exceptional dupes, their whole range is vegan and handmade in the UK. If there’s a perfume you’re missing from your pre-vegan days, this’ll be the place to find it. During my visit to Brighton I grabbed the Daisy dupe and love it.

Try: Eden #7 (Chanel No. 5) – £18/30ml – floral aldehyde; the very essence of femininity


Dolma is an independent British company, created by a qualified pharmacist and practicing vegan. They stock aftershaves, perfumes and candles – all providing you with wonderful cruelty-free scents. A set of all 12 perfumes can be bought for £25, giving you a chance to experience their scents.

Try: Prelude – £12.95/10ml – a deep rich oriental vegan perfume


Choosing a perfume online can be daunting, but Scent&Colour have made this task easy and fun. Not only do they do cruelty free, vegan versions of popular scents but they also organise these scents in a clever, user-friendly way. Firstly, they colour code their scents: violet (woody, musky, floral), yellow (citrus), pink (floral), orange (warmth, sensuality), red (fruity), plus more for the men. Secondly, you’re able to search by mood: cheeky, unique, elegant, dreamer, etc – which means you can find the perfect scent to suit your vibe.

Try: Violet 07 -£25/100ml – (mood: happy), inspired by Coco Mademoiselle



Charlotte Tilbury

The luxury brand vegans are grateful for, Charlotte Tilbury has many vegan-friendly items. Their Scent of a Dream is the sole perfume in their range, but for good reason. Said to bring the wearer positivity, love, light, power and sex – what more could you need? This scents lingers up to 8 hours and leaves you feeling seductive and confident.

Try: Scent of a Dream – £49/30ml – one-of-a-kind floral chypre

Let me know below what your favourite perfumes or which ones are top of your wishlist!

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