July 17: Vegan Highlights

July 17: Vegan Highlights

Ben & Jerry’s Announce Vegan Ice Cream

Whilst Ben & Jerry still haven’t confirmed when we’ll be receiving their dairy-free delights, July was the month they announced their intention to release these to the UK. Their suitable for vegans flavours have been on sale for a while in the US and we’ve been jealously observing these on instagram for months – fingers crossed the chocolate fudge brownie flavour crosses the pond!

Kylie Jenner Goes Vegan

Love or hate the Kardashians, you can’t deny Kylie Jenner’s power as an influencer. With over 96 million followers on instagram, you can expect this to add fuel to the vegan movement. “I’m trying this whole vegan thing” will hopefully be the next trend she sets. Let’s see if she sticks to it and inspires her family to make the change.

Greyhound Stadium in Birmingham Closes

Following pressure from PETA UK and Birmingham Greyhound Protection, Hall Green Stadium in Birmingham has closed following the last race on 29 July.  As a nation of dog-lovers, it’s surprising that dog racing is still considered entertainment. Nearly ten thousand greyhounds retire each year in the UK once they’re no longer any use to the industry. Whilst some are re-homed many end up abandoned, killed or exported to other countries (eg China).  Dogs aren’t the only animals exploited in the UK for entertainment, please speak up against the Grand National via PETA and ask ITV to stop broadcasting the event.

Love Natural Love You / Just V Festival

The collaborative event at Kensington Olympia of LNLY and Just V was even more amazing this year than last. Held on 7-9 July, it was incredible seeing so many vegan & cruelty free brands under one roof. I thoroughly recommend going to this next year for those that want to try brands they only ever see online and those that want to grab a great bargain. Read my review of the show here.

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