Are Charities Vegan?

Are Charities Vegan?


Since turning vegan have your preferences in charities changed? I know that my conscience feels torn when people ask me to donate to charities that test on animals, even for medical advances. This is particularly difficult when it’s a cause close to home.  Here are some of my tips for donating:

– There are plenty of incredible vegan and animal charities out there: Viva (a UK charity that promotes a vegan lifestyle), World Animal Protection  (working to help animals worldwide) & The Farm Animal Sanctuary (“animals are for life and not for slaughter”) to name just a few.

– Donate to charities that help people affected by a disease rather than helping cure the disease. For example, when I wanted to support a cancer charity I participated in a Mud Run for Emily Ash Trust. This is a charity that helps families with young people (babies to young adults) affected by cancer. Their work makes a world of difference to families in need and I’m proud to have fundraised for them. I felt far more comfortable supporting this charity than Cancer Research who partakes in animal testing.

– If you feel passionate enough to donate to a charity that tests on animals, it may also help to take the time to donate to Dr Hadwen Trust. This charity funds and promotes the development of techniques and procedures to replace the use of animal testing in biomedical research.

– It can be frustrating donating to charities such as Wateraid, Greenpeace and the Rainforest Founation who refuse to (or do little in the way of) promoting veganism. As anyone that’s watched Netfilx’s Cowspiracy knows, becoming vegan is likely to be the single most environmentally-friendly lifestyle change a person can make. Despite knowing that it takes three times as much water to feed a meat-eater compared to a vegan, despite knowing that farming is the biggest single cause of the worst air pollution in Europe and despite studies showing that meat-eating is the single biggest threat to much of the world’s flora and fauna these charities still refuse to focus on the environmental benefits of veganism.


Above all else, please do not attack other vegans over which charities they donate to.  Charities can be highly emotive topics, so please always approach a discussion regarding the ethics of charities with empathy and tact.

Leave me a comment below to let me know who you donate to and who your favourite vegan-friendly charities!

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