June 17: Vegan Highlights

June 17: Vegan Highlights

Body Shop Returns to the  Cruelty-Free World

The ultimate betrayal of the Body Shop being sold to L’Oréal back in 2006 distressed many a cruelty free consumer. A decade on, we wonder if it was our consumer power that led L’Oréal to return this company to the cruelty free world by its sale to Natura Cosmeticos. Needless to say, I’m excited to have this high street store back in our corner.

Ariana Grande Combats Violence with Love

Our vegan sweetheart, Ariana, put together the incredible One Love benefit concert in Manchester following the horrific terrorist attack at her gig in May. She showed the world that the best way to combat hate was with love. Singing Don’t Dream It’s Over together with fellow vegan Miley was beautiful – click here to relive this heart warming duet.

Sainsbury’s Dump Kangaroo Meat

Following Sainsbury’s decision to launch kangaroo burgers in stores at the start of the month thousands of animal lovers were quick to express their concerns. Fuming with the ‘100 per cent welfare friendly’ tagline consumers headed to Sainsbury’s Facebook page to spam it with angry posts. Following a campaign from vegan charity Viva the supermarket has pulled kangaroo meat from their stores. Click here to go to Viva and find how you can encourage the two remaining supermarkets that sell kangaroo meat to stop.

Pizza Express Add Vegan Cheese to Menu 

Since 20 June, all menu items are able to have the cheese swapped for a vegan mozzarella alternative made from sprouting brown rice. Whilst the cheese-less Pianta was delicious, it’s pretty exciting to have this vegan mozzarella. Their new vegan pizza, the Giardiniera, combines flavoursome artichokes with asparagus, red onion, garlic oil, black olives and seasoning on a classic dough and passata base. Whilst you’re there, don’t forget dough balls are vegan when served with garlic oil instead of butter. Gotta celebrate this good news with some pizza, eh?

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