Fruity Fashion

Fruity Fashion

How else do you let everyone know that you’re vegan? Sure, we like to talk about it all the time, but how do we let strangers know? Here’s how to make your fruit-and-veg-loving statement with sealed lips.

1. New Look – Avocado Zip Purse – £3.99


If you love love or love avocados, this is the purse for you. Don’t let the leather look fool you, it’s faux. Unlike your love for avocados which is true as can be.

2 . Topshop – Embroidered Cherry Bardot – £29.99


There’s something deliciously cheeky about cherries, so this flirty bardot is the perfect Topshop piece for the summer. Whilst we’re on cherries – who can tie a cherry stem in their mouth with their tongue? Perfect skill to nail and show off in this top.

3. River Island – Pineapple Embellished Pencil Skirt – £20

pineapple skirt

You may have to be quick with this quirky piece, as it’s already been reduced from £45 to £20. The sequin detail on this skirt gives pineapple all the jazzy respect it deserves. Best worn whilst sipping a pina colada.

4. Zara – Denim Jacket with Fruit Embroidery – £39.99 


Can’t commit to a favourite fruit? Perfectly understandable. Go for this cool denim jacket from Zara. This oversized piece will pair nicely with a multitude of outfits, so there’ll be plenty of opportunities to wear this.

5. H&M – Lemon Playsuit – £8.99


Make a bitterly sweet statement for under a tenner. When life gives you lemons… look fabulous. This outfit is perfectly refreshing on a hot summers day.


We’ll that’s it everyone, hope you enjoyed these outfits. Let me know which was your favourite!

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